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Peaches Costume Mask

Picture of Peaches Costume Mask
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Mask Care Instructions
Clean with warm water. Do not scrub; just wipe away dirt. Use Baby powder inside to keep fresh and smooth. Do not store in direct sun light.  It will discolor the mask. Keep it stuffed with anything that will help hold its shape. Remember, the mask is wearable art.  Have fun, but take care of it.

About the Mask
Nikki's masks are made using Slip Latex, and there are vent holes in the ears and nostril openings for comfortable breathing. The pupils are open and measure approximately 5mm to 7mm in diameter. Wigs shown are for demonstration purposes only, and we do not sell or include wigs with the masks. Laces are used down the back, and like a corset, they may be drawn taught for a perfect fit. Nikki's Monster Shop masks can be worn comfortably for many hours, and they are designed for playful transformation, fantasy, and fun.

Made by Nikki Dyer @ Nikki's Monster Shop (
Size: 12" tall (base to top of head) / 10" (diameter)
Availability: In stock