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Picture of Trannyshack Reno

Trannyshack Reno

Heklina and Peaches Christ present - Trannyshack Reno
(March 30 & 31)

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Rarely has such a spectacle of DEBAUCHERY AND INEBRIATION been forced upon the general public.

Trannyshack Reno Trip Details

Get ready to go ghouls! Go all the way to Reno hunty! You're about to purchase yourself a non-refundable round-trip seat on a bus adventure you’ll never forget...if you can remember it. Welcome to the 16th Annual Trannyshack Reno cross-state road-show. Peaches Christ is thrilled to be back on-board as “Den Mother”- hosting the buses and wrangling this giant pack of traveling drag queens, kings, and the yet to be defined. Heklina herself returns for her 2nd time on the bus as Co-Hostess! Heklina and Peaches will be jumping from bus-to-bus so there’s plenty of them to go around. Bus co-hostesses and assistants on this year’s trip include Ambrosia Salad, Lady Bear, Martha The Failed Actress, and Hugz Bunny. Included below is some information you’ll need in order to properly attend, as well as, some advice to first-timers.


We will depart San Francisco from LeMay’s fantastic store Retro Fit Vintage at 910 Valencia, (between 20th & Liberty) on Saturday, March 30th. Plan on arriving for LeMay’s send-off soiree at 10:30am, which includes check-in, bag storage, and boarding. Hostess LeMay will be serving Steven LeMimosas, and guests are encouraged to bring brunch-munch if they’d like (muffins, brownies, cupcakes, fruit). The buses depart at 11:00am and will NOT run on drag-time . We will leave without you if you’re not there.


A big part of the trip is DRAG, so all passengers are strongly encouraged to costume themselves somehow. There will be the traditional Bus Runway Fashion Show, the annual Auburn McDonald's Take-over, perhaps some lip-sync roulette, and of course our return trip will include an awards ceremony with prizes for “Best Overall”, “Best Easter Look”, and “Best Drunk”.


When we arrive in Reno, we will head to the “historic” Sands Regency Hotel & Casino for check in. You’ll then be on your own for gambling, dinner, drinking, napping, drinking, and getting ready for the Trannyshack show. We will all meet up again at 11pm to depart for the Trannyshack Show at Tronix, 303 Kietzke Lane where door whore Hugz Bunny will admit the bus group free of charge. After the show, Peaches will make an announcement onstage about the bus group leaving the club and we will head back to the Sands for sleep (or whatever). If you’d like to perform in the show, contact Heklina: Ha, she’s still on Earthlink! Really?!?


Check-out will be at 11am and we will all board the buses and head to the Silver Legacy Resort and Casino for EASTER BRUNCH. Dress in your Easter finest! We will attempt to board the bus and depart from the Silver Legacy at 12:30pm. Please don’t miss the bus back to San Francisco!


The buses will be returning us to TRUCK in SF. We will not be unloading at Retro Fit, but instead at Truck, 1900 Folsom Street at 15th where a post-Reno after-party will take place for the hardcore (fried food and drinks). It’s hard to say when we will hit San Francisco exactly, but plan for early evening. It could be later depending on weather, traffic, etc.

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