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(Nov. 10th) Website sales for this show are now closed. Tickets are still available at the box office!
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"Oh I was moved by your screen dream... Celluloid pictures of living... Your death could not kill my love for you"


Peaches Christ Productions is again proud to co-present the drag-stravaganza known as the SAN FRANCISCO ALBUM PROJECT! This extraordinary troupe of performers have joined forces once more to create another show in this ongoing series celebrating the fine, low-art of Lipsynch & Appropriation. Special guest artists this month include the legendary Fauxnique and Glamamore!

Every Other Month The San Francisco Album Project Presents & Performs A Single Album By The Greatest Artists/Bands/Genres Of The Last 50 Years! We’ve Culled The Talent & The Taste, Now We Need You To Celebrate These LPs With Us!

The performance begins at 8:00pm, Sunday, November 10th @ THE CHAPEL – San Francisco’s newest music venue located at 777 Valencia Street, in the heart of the Mission District. The fourth event in this on-going series will be based around the self-titled Roxy Music album, "Roxy Music".

Made up of performer and producer veterans from the legendary scenes, clubs and theatres of the last 20 years, The San Francisco Album Project is committed to bringing an inventive, theatrical and narrative aesthetic to the art of the lip-sync. Taking the format of the ‘classic album’ as the text to build off of, The San Francisco Album Project hopes to honor the source material as much as present to the audience a never before imagined interpretation of what is already very charged and fundamental music. And this time around we're honoring one of the greatest debut albums ever made - Roxy Music

Besides being one of the greatest groups in the history of Rock & Roll, Roxy Music's influence cannot be overstated. And not just their music, and lyrics, but their style as well. Ira Robbins once argued that Roxy Music were the first group to ever create "rock" music that wasn't based in the Blues; he may be correct. Lyrically, songwriter and singer Bryan Ferry is obsessed with obsession. Every song seems an ode to a love lost, a love never had, a time gone by. Though the music is rooted in the future (still?),  the lyrics are romantic to their core. Falling halfway between musical primitivism and art rock ambition, Roxy Music's s eponymous debut remains a startling redefinition of rock's boundaries. Simultaneously embracing kitschy glamour and avant-pop, Roxy Music shimmers with seductive style and pulsates with disturbing synthetic textures. 

Joining the core cast of collaborators this time we celebrate Fauxnique, Glamamore, Jay Walker and Christina Christopher Damnit in featured roles, as well as our incredible, ever-expanding troupe of supporting players! Combining elements of lipsynch artistry, dance, video, original sound design, comedy, pathos, music nerd trivia, faithful tributes, and utter ridiculousness...The San Francisco Album Project delivers the most sublime drag theatrics to sold out audiences of inspired snobs and virgins alike!

No emcees – no breaks between songs – no covers or remixes – only the album as you know and love it, presented to you by those who know and love it just as much. Every show by The San Francisco Album Project is going to be full of surprises, and sure to entertain. Enjoy the sounds of the era both before and after the show, as our house DJs will spin only music released the same year as the album being commemorated…!

The main performers for ROXY MUSIC consists of: Trixxie Carr (CounterPULSE, Peaches Christ Productions, SOME THING, Trannyshack); Fauxnique (ODC Theatre, YBCA, The de Young Museum, CounterPULSE, Trannyshack, Tiara Sensation); Glamamore (Boy Bar, Trannyshack, Tiara Sensation, SOME THING); Jay Walker (Trannyshack); Vivvyanne Forevermore (SOME THING, Work More, Tiara Sensation, Trannyshack); U-Phoria (Mascara, TheOffCenter, Trannyshack); Kim Burly (Trannyshack); Jordan L'Moore (The Sick & Twisted Players, Trannyshack, PepperSpray); Elijah Minnelli (Peaches Christ Productions, SOME THING, Tiara Sensation, Trannyshack); Christina Christopher Damnit (SOME THING). Performance Director: Michael Soldier / Creative Director: Nathan Rapport / Technical Director: Robert Barber

There will only be one staging of each show, so be sure not to miss it! Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. No refunds available, and all tickets are General Admission. DOORS @ 7pm. SHOW @ 8pm. Tunes the first hour, and after the show until midnight courtesy of both DJ Chicken & The Fat Pescatarian. Online sales end at 5:30 pm on the day of the show. TICKETS ON SALE AT CHAPEL BOX OFFICE from 6pm onwards.

Starring Trixxie Carr, Fauxnique, Glamamore, Jay Walker,

Vivvyanne Forevermore, U-Phoria, Kim Burly,

Precious Moments, Jordan L'Moore, Elijah Minnelli,

and Christina Christopher Damnit

Sounds by Tom Kern
Videos by Stephen Quinones

Produced & Directed by

Michael Soldier, Nathan Rapport

& Robert Barber

November 10th, 2013
Doors 7pm / Show 8PM

777 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

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General Admission

WILL-CALL: Your name will appear on a list at the event and you will not need to possess a physical ticket. Please bring a valid photo ID to gain entry. No refunds or exchanges available.
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